If you're thinking of either Buying -or- Selling on your own - think again! You NEED an experienced Realtor. There's a lot involved!

See why a Realtor that deals EXCLUSIVELY with CO-OP's or CONDOMINIUM's is your best choice :

1) You will have to deal with buyers that can call or arrive at any time, without appointments.

2) You will be dealing with strangers that are NOT pre-qualified, and who may not meet the requirements of the Co-Op Board.

3) You will not have the advertising clout to get the word out about your sale as well as the multi-media approach that Anne Donohue and her team offers.

4) And with CO-OP'S and CONDO'S, both the Buyer and the Seller have a lot of Paperwork to go through that Anne can handle for you, which can include:

  • Proprietary Lease
  • Offering Plan, Amendments, and Financials. (Seller)
  • Board Applications (Buyer)
  • Appraisers Questionnaire (Buyer)
  • UCC Filing (Seller)
  • Floor Plans (Seller)
  • Tax Returns, Pay stubs, Reference Letters, and Bank Statements. (Buyer)
  • House Rules and Regulations
  • Stock Certificate
  • Original Co-Op or Co-Op Conversion
  • Number of Shares
  • Down Payment Requirements
  • Income Requirements
  • Occupancy Requirements (Number of People allowed to live in the Unit)
  • Sublet Rules
  • Flip Tax
  • Can Family Members buy for one another?


Pre-Qualified Buyers, Multiple Advertising venues, Scheduled viewings, Proper Paperwork Submissions, and the history of getting you the best possible deal - that's what you get when you hire Anne!

If you need help with Cleaning, Packing, or Moving, Anne can help! Ask her how to make your Sale or Purchase even easier!

When you list your Co-Op or Condo for sale with Anne, not only is it listed on this web site, it is also listed on 6 other sites, along with the standard print media. Plus Anne has a list of pre-qualified buyers that may be interested in your listing as well. You get maximum coverage to help sell your property fast!

When purchasing a Co-Op or Condo, sorting through all the Co-Op/Condo requirements is made easy with the help of Anne's Buyer Specialist! Ask for details!

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